Hey, Kids! This Is Rock 'N' Roll ...

Here is a story that is glamorous, inspiring, and gritty — a marvelous fusion of the ups, downs, and in-betweens of life and music and passion in 1960s Hollywood, California, the place where dreams are made and chased and, sometimes, die.


The musician. The dreamer. Will he make it to the top? Or will he fly too close to the sun?


The singer. The screamer. The man with those “James Brown” moves. He lays it all on the line. Will it work out?


The drummer. The scribe. The heart and soul. The passion. Can he keep the beat even when things are all going wrong?

The Pacific Ocean

The band. The little group of musicians who could. Eddie kickin’ and screamin’. Rusty keeping the train going. How exactly does a number one hit get made?


The United States. California. Hollywood. The Sunset Strip. Gazzarri’s. The place to be.

Star Power

Jim Morrison. Frank Zappa. Keith Richards. Mick Jagger. Paul Newman. Milton Berle. Wolfman Jack.

Screaming Fans!

“Like a front-row seat to the action when rock ‘n’ roll was still young and exciting!” —Jason Liller

“An epic story of show-biz dreams.” —Mike Foley

Walk, Don’t Run is a read you should enjoy.” —Big Al’s Books and Pals Book Blog

"Walk, Don’t Run is “an inherently fascinating read ... very highly recommended.” —Midwest Book Review

"One of the most fun books I’ve read in a very long time!" —OnlineBookClub.org Official Review

Indie Groundbreaking Book” (May 2016) —Independent Publisher

“It’s this generation’s American Graffiti — it’s Happy Days slammed into Resurrection Boulevard.”

Rick Marcelli
Rick Marcelli

Producer & Owner at the Marcelli Company in Hollywood, CA

Johnson’s memory for the adventures we shared breaking into show business is seamless.

Edward James Olmos

Academy Award-nominated Actor & Activist

Now Watch This ...

Yes, that is the Edward James Olmos of movie and TV show fame singing and screaming. Yes, the rest of the soundtrack sounds just as awesome. Yes, the book is even more better.

Passion. Dreams. Music.

Check Out the Single ...

Okay. Here's more than a single. A few tracks from Walk, Don't Run.

  • Intro
  • 1 – A Summer Place
  • 2 – He’s a Rebel
  • 3 – Poor Little Fool
  • 4 – Town Without Pity

Sometimes my life feels like a dream. I’ve done so much, seen so much. Did all that really happen?

I know it did, but sometimes I just want to think back and make sense of it all.

And so I remember…

The Soundtrack

Included with the Book and the eBook! (Click here to access now!)

The Soundtrack

Walk, Don’t Run: A Rockin’ and Rollin’ Memoir is about passion and dreams — and music. That’s why this incredible book comes complete with an incredible soundtrack! Yes, when you get the book, you’ll also get the album that The Pacific Ocean recorded, featuring Edward James Olmos singin’ and screamin’ on vocals while Steven “Rusty” Johnson pounds away on the drums. Every track has been digitally remastered in high-quality mp3 format and beautifully tagged so that it’s ready to be transferred to your favorite music device. “Purgatory” is a riveting and exciting album that will take you back to a time when the music was loud, the cars were fast, and dreams were a record deal away.

Track List of Album: 16 Tons • Road to Hell • My Shrink • Subterranean Homesick Blues • Track of My Tears • I Can’t Stand It • I Wanna Testify • 99 1⁄2 • Mickey’s Monkey

Walk, Don’t Run: A Rockin’ and Rollin’ Memoir

A Rockin’ and Rollin’ Memoir Made on the 1960s Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Includes a soundtrack: the original album the boys recorded, digitally remastered for your listening (and rocking) pleasure! May 2016 “Indie Groundbreaking Book” by Independent Publisher.